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Property-Based Assessment District

The Westwood Village Improvement Association endeavors to enhance the management of the Westwood Business Improvement District through a Property-Based Assessment District.

Collected assessments are used to provide special benefits to properties located within the boundaries of the District. These benefits include improved cleanliness, safety, beautification, parking and traffic management, communication, special projects, and management. Each of the programs is designed to meet the goals of the District; to improve the safety of each parcel within the District, to increase building occupancy and lease rates, to encourage new business development, and attract ancillary businesses and services for parcels within the District.

For more detailed information, download a copy of the Management District Plan.

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Value of BIDs Report March 2021

Westwood Map BID Boundaries

Westwood Village Specific Plan

The Westwood Village Specific Plan is a comprehensive planning and zoning document that provides a special set of development standards that apply to Westwood Village.


The Westwood Business Improvement District (WBID) is a vibrant, unique commercial district centrally located in Los Angeles. Our district is easily accessible, serving a population of over 200,000 people living within a three-mile radius. Historic Westwood Village resides within the WBID, and the district shares a boundary with the University of California, Los Angeles.

Click here to view the demographics of the Westwood Village District.

Westwood Business Improvement District Parking Assessment

The Westwood Village Improvement Association engaged Civic Enterprise Associates to complete a parking study for the commercial center of Westwood Village. This effort is intended to provide data and analysis that can inform parking policy and operations at Westwood in the future and improve visitor perceptions, business success, and resident quality of life.

The assessment details the district’s parking inventory, occupancy rates, and utilization for public parking (parking meters and the City-owned Broxton Public Parking Structure) and privately-held publicly accessible parking.

Click here to view the presentation: Westwood Parking Assessment

Cultural Resource Documentation Report: Westwood Village

Johnson Heumann Research Associates completed an analysis to inform the Westwood Village Specific Plan to assess the historical, architectural, and cultural significance of buildings within the proposed Plan area, according to criteria determined by the City of Los Angeles in conjunction with the State Office of Historic Preservation.

Urban Designing Westwood

The UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, Department of Urban Planning, Design & Development, conducted a class called Urban Designing Westwood. The goal of the class was to take stakeholder input and the Westwood Specific Plan as starting points and then develop and visualize recommendations for the nurturing and evolution of Westwood Village.

Click here to view the presentation: Urban Designing Westwood.

York Report: Westwood Village Retail Strategy

The Westwood Village Improvement Association engaged the York Consulting Group to develop strategies to improve the near‐term prospects and long‐term viability of the Village’s retail uses. Over 120 days, York Consulting Group reviewed existing studies and plans, met with various stakeholders, and discussed Westwood Village with existing and prospective tenants.

This report includes assessing existing conditions, identifying real and perceived barriers to success, and providing recommended strategies and actions to address these challenges. Some recommendations stand independently, while others will be more effective in concert with other initiatives outlined. To successfully implement many of these recommendations, a more unified approach will be required by key stakeholders.

This report is intended to serve as a resource for the Westwood Village Improvement Association as they set priorities for future efforts to enhance Westwood Village.

Click here to read the Westwood Village Retail Strategy Report.


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