How to Get Sidewalk Dining


Outdoor dining extends restaurant seating and enlivens the sidewalk environment. It puts activity and eyes on the street, creating a greater sense of safety and community. In order to have sidewalk dining in the City of Los Angeles, a restaurant is required to obtain a Revocable (R) Permit from the Bureau of Engineering.

This form can be filled and submitted online at or submitted at or mailed to the West Los Angeles District Office.

What is an R-Permit?

The purpose of the Revocable (R) Permit is to grant a conditional encroachment of the public right-of-way by private parties not authorized to occupy the right- of-way.

The Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC), Section 62.118.2 provides for the issuance of an R-Permit. “Where the City Engineer finds that a building, structure, or improvement maintained or proposed to be constructed within the public street will not interfere with the maintenance or use of the street…”

Click here to download How to apply for an R-Permit

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