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Danny Boy's Pizza

“I like-a pizza! You like-a pizza! Let's get a pizza!”

Construction is underway with an eye toward opening in early spring 2024

Inspired by the pizza of my childhood growing up in New York City, Danny Boy’s Famous Original is my answer to the enduring question: “where can I get a great New York style slice here in LA?”.

Danny Boy’s is the slice joint of my childhood dreams, reimagined to meet the exacting standards of today's discerning food-loving generation: Classic New York City style pizza, overstuffed hot hero sandwiches, and creative farm-fresh salads that aren’t an afterthought. All made with great ingredients, thoughtfully prepared with passion.

As a classically trained chef, I approach pizza with reverence. Pizza isn’t fast food, it’s one of America’s most important dishes. And to understand how to make it great I had to deconstruct everything about it. I searched out masters from the 5 boroughs and beyond.  Learned the history (the dough syndicate, the Ray’s rivalry). I sampled thousands of pies from the greatest pizza parlors in the 50 states. I interrogated oven makers, traveled to tomato farms, auditioned flour mills (sampling grains grown East and West of the Mississippi), I experimented with the perfect cheese blend (and fat content) to achieve optimal taste and stretch. And after hundreds and maybe thousands of different recipes served to friends and family, I finally arrived at… the perfect slice.

As for the name, Danny Boy is what my pop called me and Famous Original is an homage to the slice shop he brought me to growing up, Ray’s Famous Original on 3rd Avenue. There was nothing fancy about it,  just a consistently delicious pepperoni pie, an ice cold root beer and a warm and welcoming “How you doing?” from behind the counter.

LA is home to some of the greatest Pizza in the world. I’m proud to join the community, striving daily to make the best pie I can.

Danny Boy’s is a fully accessible restaurant welcoming all pizza lovers alike, without discrimination.

Eat Pizza, Be Happy - Daniel Holzman

10889 Lindbrook Dr.
Los Angeles, California 90024

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