Westwood Village Rewards Program

Get rewarded for buying and eating in Westwood Village!

Exclusive offers, promotions, and other incentives are available at various Westwood Village restaurants, shops, and businesses. All of these rewards are accessible from your mobile device!

Go to www.WestwoodVillageRewards.com, sign up, and register a credit or debit card to start earning rewards at participating restaurants and retailers in Westwood Village!


When you spend 25.00 or more Receive a $5.00 Gift card
Visit 5 times with haircut purchase, minimum $55 each visit, and get $10 off your next purchase.
Visit 9 times, get a Free 9” one-topping pizza
Visit 5 times, spend $20 minimum each time, get $20 off your 6th visit.
Visit 5 times during happy hour, get a $20 credit  
Visit 3 times, get a free popcorn and a drink.
Spend $20, get a free Iced Tea or Jelly Dessert
Visit 5 times, get a free slice of pizza

Visit 5 times, spend $20 minimum each time, get free $10 off your next purchase

Spend $100, get 15% off your next purchase.
Visit 5 times, receive $5 off
Visit 5 times, get a free screen protector



How it works:

Step 1: Register! Create a new account and connect a credit or debit card. The process is fully secure and takes a few minutes to complete.

Step 2: Shop, Dine, Spend! Check out local businesses and use the card you’ve linked to your account.

Step 3: Get rewarded! Receive instant rewards when you make purchases and know you are helping local businesses.

Step 4: Redeem! Redeem your points for gift cards, discounts, and other advantages!

New merchants and rewards are added weekly, so be sure to check www.WestwoodVillageRewards.com for updates.

To help drive sales in the area and promote local businesses, we encourage Westwood Village businesses to participate in the program. Businesses can sign up for Westwood Village Rewards at no start-up fee, 90-day free trial, cancel at any time. If your business is interested in participating or learning more about the program, please e-mail info@thewestwoodvillage.com or visit host.westwoodvillagerewards.com.

If you have already joined the program, please make sure to promote the program on your social media channels often, please download the sample social media content.

Questions? Call us at 310-470-1812.

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