Westwood Village Discount Program

The Westwood Village Discount Program offers local employees, UCLA students, and faculty special discounts and other shopping incentives at participating stores and restaurants. To reap the rewards, participants in Westwood Village, please show a student I.D., business card, or pay stub as proof of local employment. For a printer friendly version, click here – Employee Discount.

Westwood Village Improvement Association (WVIA), promotes the program in the WVIA newsletter, website, Twitter, and Facebook. If you wish to participate or would like to learn more about the program, please email info@thewestwoodvillage.com.

To help drive sales in the area and to promote local businesses, we encourage your business to participate in the Westwood Village Discount Program. If you have an existing discount program, please let us know and we can include you as well. Click here to download the sign-up form.

Questions? Call us at 310-470-1812.

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