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Neighborhood Council Elections

The election for the North Westwood Neighborhood Council is on May 11, 2021. This year, due to the pandemic, all voting will take place by mail. To ensure your ballot is counted, request a ballot and register to vote by May 4, 2021. To request your ballot, visit

What is a neighborhood council? 

Neighborhood councils are the grassroots level of the Los Angeles City government. While NC board members are volunteers, they are public officials elected to office by the members of their community. The North Westwood Neighborhood Council is a diverse group that includes students, renters, business owners, and workers. The council advises City Hall on issues related to Westwood.

Who can vote in the election? 

Anyone who is 16 years or older and lives, works, goes to school, or has a stake in Westwood can vote in the election. You do not have to actively be living in Westwood in order to vote.
Non‐US citizen stakeholders may vote in the election.

How can I learn more?


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